Saturday, November 24, 2012


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A. Waya Island,  Yasawas

We are going to tell this story with pictures and quotes from the kids journals. - Vinaka Jenny and Brad

"When I first stepped off the Polly G (boat), I was in complete awe. I mean the view from farther out was amazing. The ocean was a very beautiful deep aqua and it was seriously like glass. You could see right to the very bottom. Being here on this Island in the middle of nowhere, is out of this world, like literally I have never seen anything like it."- Lindsey 

"Finally we arrived at Octopus Resort! First the native Fijians welcomed us to the resort with singing and dancing. Then someone took us up to the little bar for an amazing drink with a slice of orange on  the rim of the glass, and a beautiful flower in the drink. For the restaurant floor instead of carpet there was sand!"- Skyler

" I got off the boat to go to Waya Island, they wecomed us. We went to the bar, it was weird insted of wood ther was sand. There was a butiful drink wating for us at the tabl, it had a flowin in it. Our rooms had no kichen."- Owen 

"After a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit and crepes  we had to get on a boat to visit the Boarding School on the Island. The boat ride was fun because the waves made it bumpy. We were going up and down, up and down. When we got to the school our guide showed us around the classes and rooms. We got to go to a class and the students danced and sang. I loved it, so cute. The All Blacks do a Haka dance and the students did their own warrior dance too. The school had a nice rugby field. Before we got back on the boat, we went to look at some crafts the local ladies had made and were selling. My sister got a necklace, and braclet, my brother got a necklace that looks like a tooth, and I got a beautiful shell that was polished."- Skyler

"We went to a Fiji scool on a boat. They sang. They said "Bula" and we said "Bula" back."- Owen

"I watched the locals catch sardines."- Skyler

"You could see the fish socializing and looking for crabs in their little or not so little school of fish."- Lindsey

"I went to go for a srncl and saw butiful fish and coral.  I saw the reef and the pald bord was ther too. "- Owen

"After that we decided to go snorkeling on the beautiful reef right off the beach. It was just amazing all the colors of the coral and fish. I would reccommend this reef as one of the top 30 reefs in the whole wide world. I just didn't want to leave the water, so many things to look at." -Skyler

"The out of this world snorkeling was just surreal. The crystal clear  turquoise water, the schools of fish and the neon colored coral was like a fairytale."- Lindsey

"Today we went to a little place that captured my heart, the Kindergarden. When I saw the brightly painted red fence, and the simple little building (which by the way was pretty modern looking), I knew the place was something special before I even walked through the door. Just the big smiles that these little 3-5 year olds was enough to melt your heart. It was pretty clear that this school has had lots of donations. They sang with sweet voices a bunch of American songs, like Bah Bah Black Sheep, and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. It was adorable. Several of them would come up to us and give us handshakes, or high fives."- Lindsey

"My number one reason I liked Fiji was the kind and caring Fijians. They were so incrediably nice. They come and give their time to braid our hair and teach us how to weave baskets. They also had such wonderful personalities. They were always smiling, or sharing their amazing culture with us. They would come up to us and just say "Bula" (hello)". - Lindsey

I went for a swim and plyed volybal with my new frind Ethan. He is from Snidn (Syndey). We fond lizrds and hrmit crabs."- Owen

"We got served Indian sweets for dessert. The end was my favorite because of the Fireworks! It was just awesome, I couldn't ask for anything better. We were celebrating Dawali, an Indian Holiday. We sat and ate with two people from Poland. My Dad liked to talk to them about a lot of boring stuff. Then I had to go to bed for the night. "- Skyler

"When it got dark, me and Ally stayed up for the disco. It was so much fun, we were singing and dancing all night long! They played a lot of good songs that I know. Ally and I stayed up till 10:30!"- Skyler

"Mum and Dad went on a hike to the top of the Mountain, it took 4 hours. A nice fijian lady looked after us."- Skyler