Sunday, June 26, 2011


First day in New Plymouth spent exploring some of the sights.  Beautiful Tasman Sea in front and spectacular Mt Taranaki in back with lush green pasture and forest between.  First week will be fairly hectic.  We need to find schools for the kids, find a house to rent and purchase a car.  It is winter here though fairly mild.  Daytime temps in the mid 50s and night time lows in the mid 40s.  I am anticipating lots of rainy weather here this winter but we have had 2 mostly sunny days thus far.

Traveling and 1st Day (part 2)

We arrived in Auckland @ 5 am. on Saturday morning. Keep in mind that we crossed the international time line so we jumped ahead 17 hrs. and therefore lost Friday!! We had a beautiful flight from Auckland to New Plymouth, flying south along the coast to our new home. An ER doc and his wife picked us up from the airport ( in 2 cars since we had 15 bags of luggage) and gave us a tour of the town, and dropped us off in our new flat. The traveling wore us all out, but we knew that we needed to stay active so we would not fall asleep. We hiked to the beach, played on playgrounds, and watched the locals surf. About 5 o'clock the kids could no longer keep their eyes open, so we put them to bed and Brad and I lasted until 6 o'clock!!